“Snowflake” by Micah Heotzler

Photo by Katie Williams - a snowflake
Photo by Katie Williams

It began as merely
a speck on a journey –
a small crystal, a seed-
not knowing its purpose,
that it might have meaning,
but found itself falling.

Blissfully suspended,
suddenly upended;
it swirled with no stopping
and every moment brought
a new gust or meeting
with frequent colliding.

In every trouble
its weight only doubled.
Small, unseen by any.
Alone on a journey,
dearly seeking meaning
to its frequent beating.

Light broke through revealing
vast valleys and rivers
ribboning through bare trees.
It stared at creation
glistening far beyond
soft by snow it donned.

For part of this beauty
it stretched out to be,
a scene made of many,
short as its life may be.
With a dance it gazed
upon a lake of glaze.

There it was reflected
beautifully resurrected.
Never merely a speck
but a plan in God’s hand.
It laid down perfected,
as a snowflake -rested.

Micah Heotzler

Micah Heotzler

Micah graduated with a dual BS degree in Professional Counseling and Biblical studies from Lancaster Bible College in the spring of 2017. The same year she married her (now) husband, Thomas, and they have been missionaries to a rural community in central NY. When she isn’t cooking, baking for family or church, homeschooling her two boys, reading to or playing with said boys, cleaning the house, or relaxing with her husband, she can be found with her nose in a book or a pen in her hand. She likes to dabble in a variety of writing but prefers fictional stories of the short and long sort as well as poetry.

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