Winter Pages on a typewriter
Photo by Reagan Dregge

This project began with an idea: “Alicia, what if we created a letter subscription service for the holidays?”

Reagan Dregge, a fellow writer, envisioned a project that would give people good, fun mail they could enjoy alongside the bills and ads that usually fill our mailboxes. I loved the idea and volunteered to help curate the contributions and create a digital counterpart to match the physical letters. We invited people from an online writing community, the Habit, to join us. I have worked on other creative collaborations with these artists before, and they dazzle me with the beauty and wisdom of their work.

We want this project to feel like a haven or resting-place for readers in the midst of a joyful and busy season. There are so many good things in this time of year – twinkle lights, gifts, cozy hearth fires, board games, Hallmark movies (for some). However, the busyness of travel and planning, as well as the suffering of strained relationships, grief, or lostness, can make this season of celebration a time of suffering, too. We believe that God is not only the giver of wedding feasts and beautiful gifts, but the God who walks with us in darkness.

Whether you are excited for this winter or bracing yourself to survive it, we hope the stories, essays, artwork, recipes, poetry, and songs of Winter Pages feel like an encouraging letter from a friend that warms your soul.

To begin, please see Reagan’s introductory letter.